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Originally Posted by Graham M View Post
There really isn't, trust me. If you replace the 6.5" 's: that'll throw off the crossover to the tweeters, and the other speakers (read, it'll sound very off, and not at all in sync with the other speakers)
If you have the Carver/ Premium sound system like I do, dont touch anything, there isn't anything short of a few thousand for the full speaker package, that can touch the factory Carver sound system.
Graham, I'm running 0 components of the stock system Check my posts above and my BF.c thread.

I have tang band woofers (W6-1139SI 6-1/2" subwoofers) being fed a clean signal from a Pioneer HU. I read a ton of positive reviews of them on diyma so I went with them. They really punch (and have a huge excursion range for such small woofers) but I find them to be lacking in tone for more casual listening. So if I'm listening to loud music w/ heavy bass, they are there and sweet, but if I'm listening casually to sat radio or easier music on my ipod they just seem absent.