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Originally Posted by nekky View Post
So it takes a shop to tell you that it fits, eh?

hehe still love ya buddy!

-2.5* or more of camber in the front. Coilovers won't matter because the wheel is low enough offset that it will clear everything available for our cars on the inner side (strut).

Further to this, the real key is here the 265/35/18 tire. The 35 aspect ratio is short enough that it fits. 245/40/18 is technically "correct" but it does *not* fit properly because it's too tall. Run a 245/255/265 in 35 aspect ratio, and you're fine.

Sorry to butt in on EAS's thread, but that car with both those setups looks great! Keep up the good work!
oh it fits i never said it didn't, ..... but what work needs to be done to GET them to fit with the correct size tyre for the rim ( if thats even possible on this platform in terms of the rear 10.5") , why are you finding that so hard to comprehend??? I've owned this car from NEW, and trailed many different wheel sizes on it, even with my current m3 v8 wheels their is literally no space left.

from what i see, without significant fender work, stretched tyres, these aggressive offset rims don't work when the car is used as it supposed to be . like i say, post me up a detailed pic of all four of your fender liners please??

For all we know for track work EAS swap to a more conventional offset, hold your horses until they post...

you only have to read numerous posts from APEX fitment threads to know what will and won't work and what NEEDs work to work correctly.

to be honest nekky if you think a 10.5" with a 275 is ideal then that in itself says its all, a 265-275 is a 9.5" ideal width for the tyre to be properly seated. What I'm saying is their are imo serious compromises when stuffing such rims on the z4m platform and i just want people to understand those compromises WHEN using the car as the ///M division saw fit, cursing like a granny I'm guessing you can stuff more in their with extreme camber and stretched tyres.

Im definitely not bashing people who choose such sizes just trying let people know their are compromises to such setups.
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