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Originally Posted by FuzzyPeaches View Post
Speaking from memory and not any actual facts, I believe that was the big talk the teams were having regarding this change. They said the cap needed to be increased to cover the extra racing.
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That's two wheel to wheel races for the weekend and when most crashes tend to happen in lap 1, I wonder how this affects the cost cap.

Otherwise should be fun.
They've already decided on how to tackle that for the three races this season:

RaceFans understands each team will receive a $75,000 payment from Formula 1 Management per Sprint Qualifying race to cover the cost of participation. On top of that, any team which suffers significant damage in one of the extra races will be permitted to spent up to $200,000 more over their budget cap limit per round.

I'm of the same opinion as most F1 fans and against it, particularly against awarding points for the sprint race (3-2-1). If they must try it, I hope it goes the way of the elimination style format they tried in Australia in 2016 and gets dropped quickly.

Also, not cool on Liberty Media for pulling aside the F1 drivers and asking them to be less vocal on their opposition to the changes. A bit surprising that Domenicali of all people led the meeting as most people consider him a real racer and a perfect replacement for Chase Carey to lead F1

From another RaceFans article:

The drivers largely fell into line following a meeting with Domenicali during pre-season testing in Bahrain, where they are believed to have been urged to rein in their criticism having panned a similar proposal last year. Pierre Gasly confirmed the sprint race proposal was discussed but said “I don’t want to go public.”
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