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Originally Posted by filtercoffee View Post
True. An impact would help me out a lot. For now, I'm breaking bolts loose with a wrench with a pipe on the end, and using a power drill with a 3/8 drive adapter to speed it up a little. Not sure how long this fad of mine will last so I haven't bitten the bullet on an impact wrench or electric ratchet.

One specific instance of annoying: I'm finding that to adjust the rear height, I have to disconnect the shock to unload the spring. If I try to twist the adjustment ring on the spring perch while the spring preload is on it, the entire perch moves. Then reconnecting the shock is annoying because you have to align the shock with the knuckle, and the screw will only thread in at exactly the right angle. Am I just complaining too much?
You need proper tools, what you’re doing now sounds really painful. Even taking wheels off with hand tools would annoy me lol.
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