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On its way with a shit load of updates to be listed, just been super lazy in the off season. Parts have been arriving, just been involved a bit with my /other/ hobby that takes place when it's too stinking hot to go outside.

Initial cooler before modding (not mine, just a pic from the web)

The reason for the removal of the return line is that I have a secondary oil cooler in my right fang. So this loop will go from main to secondary back to the oil pump.

An10 M20 fittings welded /taped onto new CFL oil cooler

New Thermostat. And also a new oil pump diverter valve delete.

Also new braided clutch line, and new Sachs clutch actuator. New front wheel bearings (due to a stud spin on a hub )
Lots of other little things, new dash control is a work in progress.

S54 AN10 hook up for the oil pump engine side.

new Braided clutch line
new sachs clutch slave
APR extended wing struts
new front wheel bearing/hub
bunch of an10 fittings and braided oil lines


33121205138 securing plate for pinion (TURNER)
33121204657 crush sleeve (TURNER)
33107510289 output seals X2 (TURNER)

TMK-HM803110 bearing race - ( From summit racing )
TMK-HM803149 inner pinion bearing - (From summit racing )
(thanks goes to Ron for the extra part numbers and research that he did into which bits are needed)

As a side note, my dash design has seen a few iterations. Includes dual temp sensor readout for intake. Temps and pressure indications for 4 wheels and pc hookup for monitoring software. Also includes new blip controls.

Still on the hunt for a good HANS device.
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