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Ok slight update...

Motorsport thermo has been cancelled after many talks about correct water temp, which mine is) new OEM thermo ordered. New M6 oil cooler ordered.

Heater core staying in, I've need advised that the heater core will reduce spikes in the water temp, other wise you do run a rush of running a cylinder hot.

(Not my words, but it's plausable enough, so it's staying in)

Prepping for another track evening today.

Removed all four wheels to check lines and pads and rotors, all in awesome Nick.. really loving these brakes, thanks Chris )

Carbon fibre fabrics on the way for my door panel project. Should be super nice. Ordered 2x2 twill. Stay tuned on how my surfboard shaping skills have deteriorated over the years..

Right door mould pretty much complete.. left door mould, not so much so.. haven't started on that one

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