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Thx Azeka,

Nope, without the driver weight..
But just bought the heater core delete kit and a few other bits and pieces still to be removed.. should come down another 50 lbs at least..

So ive beern taking a few notes and it seems that my car runs pretty hot on the track, initially I thought it was just the olil temp that was high (130 degrees) (seems after looking at the logs it even goes up to 135) but I thought the water temp was steady and in the green arc... (it might actually help if I would actually look at the gauges sometimes while screeming round the track) :rofl:

anyways, while looking at the logs, I can see that the water tempo is really high too.. :|

So I bought a new Motorsport thermostat.. (55degree fully open) (probably the old thermostat needed replacing anyways... lol) anyhows, hope this sorts out my issue.

Ive also got the oil divertor and a heater removal kit on order...

anyways, heres to hoping this will look better than this screenshot of one of my 32 laps last session.

(thanks for the info Josh )