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Originally Posted by beta View Post
I ordered road version.

I asked them about transmission mounts and this is what they had to say:

So beedub there might be hope for you. Maybe you can guinea pig this and they'll give you a discount on both sets of mounts for helping them out. Wonder how many people would be in for a complete crossmember, I know I would in a heartbeat. Would make the car close to perfect if we got rid of all the shifting issues.
OK.... Well beta you must be freaking supernatural, supergood guess!!!!!! WTf.... they just literally emailed and said they are going to send me both sets of mounts, race and road, i can keep both but must provide a detailed review on both back to back tests, they will also use my car to do the transmission mounts.... i did say however that MAY not be a good idea due to the extra power my car makes, they may make them over stiff, i have however agreed to send in my stock tranny mounts....

guess i'll start with the RACE set then :-) YEaaaaahhhhhaaa!!!

BTW ian, your good, they want to break the whole us, your good to go!!! NOT open to UK member however.

I did however get the GB price due to testing purposes!!! :-) yaaaaaayyyyyy
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