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Originally Posted by Rick Hunter View Post
What do you mean by "checked?" Did they just look to see if any were missing? or did they re-torque them? Any replaced with the new specc'd bolts?

I had mine replaced recently, but am still paranoid since if yours were "checked" but still broke off, then they either didn't check it OR it didn't matter (i.e. the area's at fault that BMW's not owning up to).
They did a visual check, cuz that's what I asked for. Had I actually read the Bulletin, and asked them to retorque them it may have been avoided.

Originally Posted by MVF4Rrider View Post
Every time I go to the dealer here in Germany for service the first thing they do is put the car on a lift and do a visual check as well as "tug" on certain components. This all happens before it goes into the service bay for whatever you're having done.

Of course now I'm paranoid so I think I'll have them checked soon. I do a lot of 140+ mph driving (at least until June when I leave this winter wonderland).
Yeah, I hope my dealer is as good as yours. They seemed to do a pretty thorough job the last time I was there, but then again they didn't quite fix my front camber problem either.

Originally Posted by epbrown View Post
Yeah, but I had scrape marks on the belly pan - they could see I'd gone over something. The city paid half a few months later, which is more than I thought I'd get.
I've got a good gash on mine from driving in Boston. I hope they made a note of it the last time it was there and they don't screw me like your dealer did to you.

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