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Originally Posted by yco View Post
actually i dont want..

i dont see F1 like a cup series.. multiple winners is cool but i d like to see best driver and car winning in different races.. the race like Gasly won.. i cant say that i enjoyed it cause right after winning a race same driver and the car couldnt go out from Q3 as far as i remember.. its just BS.. its not F1.. at least for me..
I have massive respect for Hamilton...his is a natural talent that puts him on a different level to his fellow competitors.
Yet his success is of course also a function of one teams technological dominance of the sport.
The most memorable races are always the ones where the outcome is uncertain or unexpected due weather, track conditions or a combination of unusual circumstances.

I'm not advocating a Cup series at all...but it is a truism that races like Turkey 2020 or Bahrain 2021 were more exciting (to an unbiased spectator) simply because the outcome was in doubt...rather than a lights to flag dominance of one driver.

It could be that Leclerc or Russel or Ricciardo are actually the best driver of their generation..yet they could finish their career without ever winning a DWC.

As I said...long view tinkering with the regulations has proved ineffective at equalising the sport...some out of the box thinking is needed instead.
Drivers like Hamilton would still win even if it was a Cup series simply because he is the best...but he would have to fight for every win just like in Bahrain

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