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Originally Posted by racerbruce View Post
Well said MK,
Allow me to share my one-time experience driving a ra 6-speed race kart; this was a full-on competitive kart powered by a 125cc Honda 2-stroke tuned with racing expansion chamber, carburetor, etc and had Brembo brakes, racing slick tires, etc....the race track was a purposed built race kart track built in an area with significant elevation change, high-speed sweeping turns, off-camber turns, etc....I was wearing a hard sponge-type collar just below my fully enclosed helmet to assist with lateral G's....I was push started and it is hard to describe just how fast the race kart accelerated - it is blinding fast; I am very aware and experienced at the radical power band of a high performance 2 stroke engine as I used to race motocross competitively in the 250cc class (see my post on this on zpost); once I completed a lap to warm the tires, I took the kart to redline on the straight (you don't use the clutch to shift) and approached a left hander....I thought I had driven the machine as deep as possible approaching the turn before braking while traveling FAST in sixth gear, and jumped on the brakes....THE KART STOPPED NEARLY nano-second thought was that I was now static on a race track and I'm going to be hit from behind....that was how extreme the negative G's and braking performance was....after recovering from this, I put together four consecutive laps pushing the race kart as hard as my skills would allow....and then pulled into the pits and stopped in front of the kart's owner....I put my visor up and he knelt down and asked me why I pulled in....I told him I COULD NOT TAKE THE LATERAL G'S AND MY NECK WAS GONE!!!!; he laughed.

Shifter karts are NO JOKE!! Everyone who says that racing cars is easy has never been in a very fast street car and definitely not in a racing car. When I've take people for joy rides in my cars most couldn't take the linear acceleration of the i8 which tails off at about 80 mph nor understand how the M6 just keeps accelerating at 120 like a standard car does at 40. They just don't have the memory and the muscles don't have the physical memory. It really messes with their heads. And the brakes. I almost forgot the brakes. When on the Corsa System or Cup tires, the M6 will start to raise its nose when accelerating from a dig. It will stop on a dime and give you 6 cents in change. The uninitiated change their minds real quick on this.

Great post, my friend!!
Happy New Year to you and yours!!
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