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Originally Posted by SenorFunkyPants View Post
TBH I haven't really looked into the oil burning malarkey that much...but did the benefit of "oil burning" not come from the ability to add certain additives to the oil and then into the combustion cycle to boost the octane rating and thus power? (now banned I believe).
The FIA have lately been reducing the amount of "oil" that can be consumed during qualifying and the race year by year.
Plus I would suggest that its likely that Ferrari were not the only ones to benefit from this particular wheeze.
yes but partially no as well cause with dry-sump oiling things are much controlled thus gaining power out of right amount of oil without additives, plain oil can increase performance as well cause you add additional chemicals to burn off into chamber and the same time for better cooling especially for cylinder walls.. i dont know the ratio probably it depends on each engine spec.. do it in a wrong way you ll end up higher rate of carbon deposit and increased heat and less power of course..

for additive part like in old times, yes probably they do it more cause they could add more additives especially in 1980's.. but with basically something like a rocket fuel.. cant remember its name it should be something tiolin, taulon or something i need to look cause im a designer not a engineer or something..
with those fuel on board burning oil limit was at least 15-20 times higher than now as well but when you add the fact that actually those fuel mixtures they used in 1980's all had some diesel in it as well you can guess how complicated the engineering part.. squeezing more than 1400hp out of 1.5L engine with almost 6 bar of pressure is ridiculous even now..

this burning off oil is especially useful for 2-stroke racing engines you can find in karting races even if most of them are 4-stroke now.. when i was younger (sadly) on 32hp super-light karts.. their fuel is highly mixed with oil and at least once in 2 laps during the race you need to lift and coast and block the intake with your hand while braking for a second at most to fill up the chamber with higher fuel and oil to cool the chamber and the engine of course.. and again causes a puff of white smoke..

this engine oil "thing" is much more complicated than it looks.. i had a small connection with Mobil 1 back in days and tech and chemicals they balance in fully synthetic oils were impressive.. so using these chemicals for gaining more performance is pretty easy if there wouldnt be any restrictions in F1..
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