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Originally Posted by SmartBastard View Post
It's possible to measure the drivetrain loss, that's exactly what that MAHA LPS3000 is doing. Problem with RWHP is that it depends on the conditions - temperature, pressure, air humidity etc, that's why there's "standard" conditions at which HP are stated. Depending on the actual conditions the dyno compensate for the difference to this standard and calculates what the engine BHP would be. Some dynos are better and some worse at this ofc.

To answer your question the RWHP was 255,8 or 188kW. The measured drivetrain loss was 96HP (metric) or 70kW.
What gear were the pulls done in? ~255rwhp baseline seems on the lower side. Average seems to be 270rwhp for S54 motors on both the E46 M3 and the Z4Ms.