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Originally Posted by jpy1980 View Post
Hey guys,

So I have a modest setup with a seat and Logitech g920 setup. I actually use my Oculus Quest 2 for a VR setup and it really feels great and makes the experience great. When I am racing an F1 car on a track like SPA, I get sucked in and feel the adrenaline in my body. YET, when I drive a normal track, like a canyon or something (I have Assetto Corsa and I added the Los Angeles Crest Highway Canyons as a track), I don't get that same sensation. I really started Sim racing because I wanted to drive the tracks that I really drive in real life. I also drive my F80 on the Los Angeles Canyons like once a month. Yet in the sim game, its not the same immersion? Thoughts?


Are you calling a public 2-lane highway as a track? Comparing GT cars to F1 cars?

Have you ever done an actual HPDE or track day?