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Yeah, Rick, what an inspiration your trips are. Evern since getting the Z4M and then finding this forum, your day trip documentaries are something I really look forward to. I love car traveling and photography, and I really think just touring the country side to check out the historical sites is a blast. Sometimes, thing's go by too fast with the M, so I have to remind myself to take in the sites too.

Your touring of South Central PA is also fascinating because my wife and I spent some time in that area too, though I'd bet it's not what you might think. We were separated by 500 miles due to work/school for 2 year - she at Virginia Tech, I at Cornell. Turned out, Gettysburg was nearly exactly half way, so for 2 years we met there every 4-6 weeks, a few times staying in Carlisle or Chambersburg too. Gettysburg kind of became a second home for us and I've always wished we'd had more time to explore the general area. It's an area we'd move to with no reservations if the opportunity presented itself.

As always, the photos and comments were a pleasure to read. Great work!
(p.s., curious about some details of your photography - the photos seem so vivid, saturated - is it camera settings, or post processing, or both?)
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