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Originally Posted by Maynard View Post
You are surely the coolest of all coolguy dads, no doubt. And believe me, working in PM&R, I've gotten to meet a whole bunch of cool dads who just knew how mature and competent THEIR youngster was. Since the safety thing seems so easy for you to dismiss, you might want to just take a little time to consider your true liability - like insurance issues, not traffic court. Anything happens and you eat the whole bill; if anything happens to a/b else, they'll suck you dry. But seriously, it might be time to reconsider that coolguy dad thing a little more; there is such a thing as too much. But to be fair, my square head dad and his stupid rules forced me sneak the car out in the middle of the night to drive at 14, and it was a f'ing 6cyl Dodge Dart, so I'm probably just all twisted up with jealousy.
Not a cool dad @ all
I'm very boring, usually very conservative but sometimes seem like I'm a no rules guy very "free range" in the way I raise them

I'm aware of the liability and accept it, courts, fees and big chunk of change if we're caught

I sound like a prick saying I don't care, I do, maybe not as much as I should