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Originally Posted by NEfan508 View Post
My twin girls now almost 20 learned more at the appropriate age, but we made sure they drove in Snowy/stormy conditions to build confidence how the vehicle reacts on compacted snow or 2" per hour rains, they now have easily over 50k miles in the past 4 years without a ticket or any fender bender taught them to drive at the appropriate legal age, yet you feel that you need to break the law to teach your son? Does he know that you don't have as much confidence in his driving abilities as your daughters? You say that the daughters drive just fine, so why feel the need to treat the son any different? I feel there is more going on here than you are letting on...

On an additional note - you seem surprised that some people might not agree with you in an internet chat forum? Shocking as that may be, perhaps this is your first time using the inter-webs? I've got a few old AOL disks laying around if you need them.

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