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Originally Posted by Torxist View Post
It's precisely this attitude which keeps perpetuating the violence.

What do you expect? A vastly superior force invades their countries, destroys their towns, disrespects their citizens, and you don't expect them to act animalistic????

And for what? Bush's stupidity in convincing the world that these people have WMDs and they are the reason for every terror attack that occurs in the world.

Let's see what you would do if some foriegn army invaded Fayetteville?

The war in the Middle East was wrong and history will prove it to be wrong, just as it did with Vietnam.
Clearly your knowledge of what is going on in Afghanistan is only based on what news stories you pick and chose to read from other people who have not been there. If you haven't been to Afghanistan, seen what is going on, or been a part of the fight, shut up. You only make yourself look like an idiot. In the mean time, read up on the history of Afghanistan, and pay close attention to the part of about the Taliban and what they are fighting for. They kill more innocent Afghans than we do, and when we do it is an accident.

You have have done your share of fighting in the region, but its a different time and a different fight. The Taliban is not fighting for peace.

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