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Confirmed Catholic, raising my son to that same level. It will be his choice soon.

It's not that I don't tolerate homosexuality, but I beleive it's a sin. By comparison of tolerance, I think it's equally a sin to not confess beleif in Jesus as the light and the way.

But I'm not a (religious) bigot, I tolerate all those living in sin. I'm not without my own sin either, and that helps me tolerate my fellow struggling humans.

No longer do we make such a big deal about those NBA players who practice Muslim? faith and on certain occassions neither eat nor drink, even during the heat of playoff games. At one time this was HUGE NBA news, haven't seen even a mention of it in recent years.

Now, shall we discuss why Collins REALLY chose to come out now? Could it be that as he nears the end of his career, and becomes a free agent without much in the way of a prospect for continuing his earnings, he makes this announcement so he can later bring suit against the NBA for discrimination???

Just my opinion, I could be wrong