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Design Update - Center Cap Support Added

75% of the 500+ members that have been surveyed so far want center cap support. As a track oriented company we wanted to explore a capless wheel design, but the community has spoken. We revised both designs and added APEX and OEM Roundel cap support. This change only added 0.15 lb per wheel, which is insignificant.

The SM-10 design received the same cap support design that we used on our ARC-8 wheel. The FL-5 design needed just a little more material for a cap to clear a hub.

Revised designs are posted below.

Here's an ARC-8 image with hardware installed to better illustrate how the SM-10 will look mounted on a car.

What are we working on now?
  • Finalizing weight optimization changes
  • Preparing to release the more concave profiles
  • Creating on-car images
  • Prepping the Group Buy for launch