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Originally Posted by The HACK View Post
First ever, or first in the MZ4 Coupe?

First ever...Bring an open mind and a willingness to learn. Leave work, personal life, and most importantly, EGO, behind.

First in the MZ4 Coupe? Spare brake pads, tool box with assorted metric sockets and wrenches, tire pressure gauge, torque wrench, small cooler with drinks, duffle bag for helmet and change of clothes. Oh and a friend with a support vehicle.
Hear hear to the ego stuff and open mind. Many of the women, wife included, did better than some of the guys in our DS (first track day group). I think a lot of it had to do with not having a lot of ego involved and with what seemed to be their focus on driving the lines and being smooth with inputs rather than "going fast". That netted them more speed over the course of the day than some of the "go fast now" guys in our group. I suspect it will net the most gains long-term as well.

Guess who chatted up the instructors the most about this or that problem they were having? The women. Guess who ended up in a spec Miata with one of the instructors for many laps of tips and strategy (braking/lines)? My wife. Guess who I'm probably going to be pointing by the next time out?

I'd also add to the list "be very well rested". There are a lot of new things to learn and it's very mentally challenging so get a lot of rest prior to your track day and get used to being up very early. I'd really advise staying near the track if it's any distance away. We left for the track at 4:30AM and didn't come back until after 5:00 PM. Not smart at all--very fatigued driving home. Next time we'll stay near the track and avoid the super early start (and extra driving).

Originally Posted by inTgr8r View Post
vehicle check - all bolts are torqued to spec, suspension is not leaking and in good working order, brake pads at least 50% or more remaining, brake fluid <1 year old, coolant level check, tire pressures/treadwear/condition, battery/items are secured, no loose objects

Torque wrench
Lug bolt wrench
air pump
power bleeder
extra set of brake pads
extra oil, brake fluid
paper towels
extra set warm/dry clothes
umbrella, tarp
helmet, driving shoes, gloves
food & water, cash
portable chairs
suntan lotion, hat, sunglasses
tire pressure gauge
video/camera & batteries
Good list. Might be able to skip the pyrometer, spare pads and power bleeder if you change out to Motul and have fresh non-stock pads first time out? (From the threads I've read around here the stock pads are just not up to track work at all.) Some tracks provide compressed air as well--so it might be possible to skip that as well (check first). But I will be taking spare pads and a pyrometer the next time out! I want to watch those brake temps and make sure we can get home safely.
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