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Originally Posted by Rated M Roadster View Post
Since all S54 motors use the same injectors in stock form, I'm assuming they use the same pumps as well (as would seem appropriate for the same injectors); with the FPR being the exception to similarities between the systems on the M3 and Z4M.

Here we go (in bold):

By the time we need to upgrade the fuel system we're going to need a head gasket and studs anyway; then you might as well build the rest...
awesome info..... the only thing is..... real oem shows a completely different fuel pump for the z4m compared to the e46..... however i agree with you that it surely must be an equivilant?? im wondering where Ess got their data that it cant supply the fuel needed..... Anyhow ;-) i'll update when they get back to me ;-)
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