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Originally Posted by beta
I also found out VAC has a bolt-on oil cooler for the e46.

Was hoping to get the dimensions of our stock cooler, so that maybe we can find something we can adapt to have it in the stock location/stock size. I figure we can get more efficiency out of the package, but keep the car mostly stock. Plenty of people are tracking without issue, so it doesn't need to be a huge upgrade, maybe just a more modern/efficient cooler with slightly more capacity.
That's why I went with M6 oil cooler, it adds almost a liter of extra capacity , yet with a custom bracket , fits in the OEM position without any cutting/ trimming or blocking of the radiator . Now on track my avg temps have dropped 40 degrees which is huge as far as increasing the engines lifespan . Not going into limp mode from high oil temps doesn't mean you are not having issues related to high oil temps. I never had a temp limp mode on track and look at my bearings. Increasing the oil cooling capacity was the best mod I have done .