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Originally Posted by racerbruce View Post
you won't find a Z4 for $6,400 - $7,700 USD;
He's in the UK and there used Z4 prices are ridiculously low.
I've seen pre facelift 3.0i cars under 2k, so his budget is very very generous, when shopping for a non M e85 Z4
With his budget he can get a facelift one with the 265hp n52 engine.

If you want an automatic gearbox, certainly go for a facelift one (so 2005+).
The pre-facelift automatic gearboxes are all 5 speed and definately from an earlier generation. All facelift automatics are 6 speed.
When going for a pre facelift one, get the 3.0i, it has a 6 speed manual gearbox (all smaller engines are equipped with a 5 speed)
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