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Endurance slicks. 29/67/19

I am looking for some slicks, and even though I would also like some info about the tire sizes, I've come to grips (pun intended) with probably going for 29/67/19 or 28/69/19 for the rear, due to a 11 inch wide rear rim and looking for a medium size side wall. My guards can fit 71, but I don't have a 13 inch rear rim to be able to use that.

Can someone recommend me a brand/type that isn't going to be trashed after one track day? I'd like to go for an enduro type of tyre, as they are longer wearing, obviously at the cost of grip.

I am not running any races, just track days.

The front will either be 24/65/19 or something 25 wide as the front rim is only 9.5 inches.

Would love some recommendations from the tyre gurus.

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