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Originally Posted by GuidoK View Post
I have 4 and 4 out of 4 work, bought in various generations over multipe years, but all cheap.
I've been using INPA/NCS expert/Rheingold and ISTA-p for a decade now (I think I bought my first cable in 2009) and I've never had any issues with cheap cables.

From all the people I know personally that have a cable, I've never seen one not work.
Usually if a system doesn't work, its the software install they messed up.

How many cables do you have?

But yes, if you want someone to check a 10 buck cable for 25 bucks extra, thats also a way of doing things.
Mind you, you're getting the exact same cable, only that some bloke plugged it in and seen that it worked, making 25 bucks in about 30sec work
So thats what....making 3k/hour.
If that was my business, i'd go scaremongering on the web too judging by their website..

'Treading carefully' on a 10 buck purchase is also a bit daft.
You bought 4 cables compared to my 1, so I'm not sure why you are worried about me suggesting a more expensive cable. The 'tread carefully' is a nod toward having to troubleshoot a connection problem - that's where time comes into play, and I was willing to pay more for a cable in which I had confidence - to potentially save time. You have 4 cheap cables that work. Great. But there are also lots of posters across the various forums that bought cheap cables and never got it to work. Sure, most or all could be software-related, but not knowing that for sure, the common thread is that cheap cables may not always work.

What my first post provides is a cable from a source that I can stand behind and say definitively worked for me on the Z platform. Please do the same, and I'll add as many 10$ cables to the first post as you are willing to stand behind.
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