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Originally Posted by Reborn_ View Post


- I bought the cable from - Website gets blocked. Google bimmer$0ftw4re but replace the characters with the appropriate letters.
- I bridged pins 7 and 8.
- Windows automatically downloaded drivers when I inserted the cable into the USB port. Your mileage may vary here - you will need your PC to recognize the cable as an OBD interface.
- Set the cable to COM1 with a Latency Timer of 1 in Device Manager.

NOTE: MAKE SURE TO ALWAYS USE THE SAME USB PORT. If not, make sure to set the USB port being used to COM1 and Latency Timer=1 for each new USB port that you plug into.

NOTE: I do not know if you MUST bridge the pins with this cable. I bridged the pins a couple of years ago when I could not connect with my vehicle (root cause: bad software download) and was trying to rule things out. Once I got good software, it worked with the pins bridged. I am not going to spend the time to un-bridge the pins just to see whether they MUST be bridged.
You can just buy an el cheapo aliexpress/ebay cable for about $12 shipping included and save yourself 25 bucks
Buy the one with the switch. Switch to one side for kkl (e85 chassis) and the other side for d-can (e89 etc)

Further more its not important to set the com port to com 1.
Just make sure that you set it to the same com port as in the obd.ini (in the ediabas bin directory). It can be any com number.
set the latency to 1 and the bps to the highest value.
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