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Originally Posted by iZ4vel View Post
I tried to push the larger diameter ring into the fuel filter but it doesn't seem to move at all. There are two rings on the fuel line fitting (black piece), a smaller one in which the actual fuel connects to and then a larger one that doesn't move (meaning it's not spring loaded or quick disconnect type) but is a solid piece connected to the fitting. One thing that I did notice is that the beige looking piece that the fuel line connects to appears to have notches on it, perhaps to be turned out counter clockwise? I have tried this as well and this doesn't seem to do anything. The problem here is if I simply disconnect the fuel line from the fuel line fitting, it doesn't change the fact that the fitting is still going to need to be removed because my fuel leak is occurring exactly where the fitting is connected to the fuel pressure reg/fuel fitter. So eventually that thing is going to need to come off. One thing I could do is take off the fuel line, leave the fitting (black piece) attached to the fuel pressure reg/fuel filter and take it to my local dealer so that they can remove it for me so that it can be installed in the new fuel pressure reg. Any other idea's guys?

Attached are some pictures of the fitting...

Also notice how the pictures of the new part appear to have the fitment be installed by pushing it in and twisting it about 90* degrees to lock it... they appear to have a cross on them and 4 outer tabs to lock that cross in place.
Did you figure out how to remove it? I'm in the same situation