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Hi and thanks
Haven't thought of taking pictures while working, but will try to make some in the neares days.
First of all we drilled small elegant holes, but after few minutes we knew it wouldn't be enough as the top af the shock may move around a little in the top mount, so we made huge and ugly holes, but they cannot be seen with the roof down, and are quite well hidden to spot with the roof up.

Essentially we drilled holes in the top of the plastic "domes" in elements 3 and 14
Now there's quite a lot of place, even to put an adjuster extender, but I don't know if the extender wouldnt harm the softtop glass so we decidded to leave it alone - KW's are adjusted with 2mm allen key, so no problem using it that way.
If one isn't flexible enough, then another easy entry to this holes is after opening the sofftop tray cover (number 2 on the picture above).
2006 3.0si

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