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We've been boycotted by Cars&Coffee

Cars & Coffee, previously a free-for-all eclectic weekly car show, is now going to open the show area only to 1978 and older vehicles. Word is that this is an ultimatum from Ford's PAG headquarters who donates the parking lot for the event. I do not know "the why", other than it was related to this past weekend's event (which I missed).

The short of it is, there's no reason to go to "C&C" (I use quotes because it really isn't C&C now, IMO) unless you want to see only pre-'78 cars. There are plenty of weekly SoCal alternatives if you want to see only old cars and hot rods/musclecars, and I'd personally favor them over "C&C" now because the other shows are true to their original intent.

Everything that made C&C special is now gone, no more Vectors mixing it up with Model Ts, Lambos and Cobras, Mustangs and Z8s, Unimogs and 997 GT3s. Truly a sad day for SoCal auto enthusiasts.

Thanks Ford! *insert extended middle digit emoticon here*
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