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Yes, you could drive them on the street in dry weather to and from and event. I live in Corona and would not be afraid to drive to Cal Speedway or Willow. Done that before with Hoosiers on a Z06. Even did a run to Spring Mtn on fresh Hoosiers. Not the best way to manage your track tire investment though. But not all of us have a chase vehicle to carry the extra wheels. I since have invested in a trailer for the events so easier for me now.

I thought the tires worked well and will be ordering some for my Z06 to try soon. I only ran big Willow with them, there was no understeer with these sizes at all on that track. I think they are priced lower just to get some folks to try them, that won't last, they are not cheap performers the stick very nicely, could not get it to drift through 2 with the pedal to the floor. Rotates nicely with a dab of throttle at the top of the hill. Did not think the car would hang with the V8 M3's, but I was wrong. A pretty even match. M3 faster in the front straight and after the rise on the back, everywhere else the M coupe carries more speed and more nimble to dive in to take the lead back.

Only reason am selling them is the car is now with my Daughter in Seattle.