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Spending some more time on Matt Romanowski’s excellent site,, I came across this neat little “throttle and brake map” depicting, as you might guess, throttle and brake application (see

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This looks to be a handy way to see places where you’re getting in and out of the throttle, or prolonging braking, etc. I put together the same thing, pretty much, in RS2 using my “Throttle_Brakes” math channel (combines throttle position and brake pressure into a single channel/line—see post #84) feeding the Track Report view.

Here’s the result for a single lap:

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While you can see the same thing in the Measures Graph, shown this way it’s maybe easier to see. You can also select multiple laps to display in the Track Report view, though things get kind of smushed if you select too much.

To build this, in the Track Report view, select the “Settings” button in the upper right corner. In the Track Representation area, change the “3D Channel” to the appropriate channel in the drop-down, and click on “Bands” to see the crispest delineation in the map.

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Of course, this could be done separately for throttle using the ECU throttle channel (“Z4M_PPS” for us) or brake pressure channel (“Z4M_BRAKE_PR”), I just like to see the two inputs in the same channel. I thought maybe using the longitudinal accel channel would work, for those not getting ECU data, but it’s not nearly as granular as the ECU throttle/brake info.

Matt—if you’re reading this, what do you think about also letting your readers share math channel stuff—ideas, successful syntax, etc? Structuring specific math channels would need to be logger-specific, and would depend on availability of certain channels (e.g., the ECU data above), but the ideas and concepts and techniques might cross different loggers. Just a thought.