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Originally Posted by SaMaster14 View Post
...I know that there is a lot of controversy over Rolex, especially compared to other 'high-end' brands such as Cartier, Omega, Patek Phillipe, and Audemars Piguet, etc..
I know you are right to a point, but the folks I know who are serious "watchies" don't seem to feel that way. I don't either. Rolex make a very nice watch. The Rolexes one generally sees won't have the most complications that can be found in watches, but that's not always the point. I for one just buy what I think is nice and looks appealing to me. I think unless one is collecting for a specific purpose, that's about all that's called for.

I have a couple of fancy watches - Breguet and Audemars -- but in truth, I find myself wearing my Tag more than any other watch I own, including two Rolexes. My two sons like my Rolexes; apparently that brand is popular among their friends. I told them they could wear mine if they want, but they could forget about me buying them their own anytime soon. (Personally, I wouldn't have two Rolex watches, but one I bought and the other came as a gift from someone who didn't know I already had one, probably because I wear the Tag so often.)

Anyway, very nice gift you received. Clearly someone is quite proud of you and your accomplishments. I know you'll cherish it and have it for a long time.

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