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Nitron - NTR R1 Coilover Systems

It is time for me to get a new coilover setup. I tend to do this every few years to try a new setup. Currently, I am running KW V3 which is nice. The only issue is I do not like progressive springs which is nice for day to day driving. There is a conversion kit for V3 but I think money is best spend on a system that been R&D.

I looked at options available and we all know the popular ones most Z4Ms run. A few years back, I was considering AST 4100, now they have 5100. This is not really a setup specific for Z4M. My understand is a combination of E36 front and E46 rear for AST. I came across setup for Z4M by Nitron - NTR R1 Coilover Systems. The price is comparable to KW CS. I appreciate any advise or review from someone have it installed.