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Thanks for the heads up. I have similar feedback/warning with regard to the Dunlop Direzza DZ101.

I normally run r-compounds daily (Nitto NT-01s), and let's just say I use them to their fullest, so maybe my expectations for a tire are a little higher than average. I shredded one of them the other day and didn't have time wait for new NT-01s (or any decent tire) to be shipped and the Dunlop DZ101s were the only thing I could find locally in my size (245-40-18, 275-35-18).

Suffice to say, my car feels like it's been neutered. Horrible directional stability (it now takes considerable focus and input just to keep the car from wandering between lanes on the freeway), very numb response, atrocious turn-in feel... It basically feels like I'm driving on warmed over gummy bears.

These tires might be fine on an Eclipse, but they have no place on a serious sports car. "Ultra High Performance" my ass. Hardcore driving buyer beware.