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Originally Posted by Car_Girl View Post
I appreciate the suggestions. I wanted to go 'legit' because I'm also a photographer and it irritates the be-jeebies out of me to know people just copy my work instead of paying a nominal fee to have copyright reproduction rights. I have a ton of camera gear and I have my site maintenance costs so I try to offset those costs by charging a small fee for photos at motorcycle and events and an occasional stint for a special event but to get just a few bucks out of a person is nearly impossible. I don't believe in ripping off a company like BMW or Navteq simply because they're large companies - if it weren't for paying customers, we wouldn't have the ability to use their goods and services so I guess I'll either have to pay the big bucks or go without for now. I appreciate the suggestions tho!

Speaking of legitimacy, does anyone know anything about this company? They have the NAV disk I'm looking for but it's only 1/4 of the price of the OE disk available through Navteq. I sent them a note asking about the product. I'll post when I receive a reply.

Interesting. . . If they are kosher I'll scoop up the 2009.1 disk.