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Originally Posted by vreihen16 View Post
Self-checkout. I sit staring at a computer all day for a living. Why would I want to use self-checkout and be deprived of what may possibly be the only face-to-face human interaction that I'll have that day?????
Depends on the location of the self-checkout. There are some places that it's quicker and easier to just use the self-checkout. I always use them at Wal-Mart. 1.) I don't have time for incompetence at the level of the typical Wal-Mart employee. 2.) I don't have the I.Q. points to spare to feel as if I have been made less intelligent from my interaction with the typical Wal-Mart employee and 3.) I'm trying to get the hell out of there as quickly as possible as not to have my time wasted by the typical Wal-Mart customer and employees. 4.) I need to get home quickly to wash the Wal-Mart dirt off me.

I realized yesterday during an outing with the girlfriend and her kids that I really don't like the general public anymore.