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Originally Posted by dinonz View Post
"Perk" when you mean "perq". But then - even my browser thinks perq is wrong - it's not. It's short for perquisite, which means benefit or bonus. Perk is more for tits.
I learned something new today. I did not know this. If you google perk though, it does come back with 3 definitions, one of which being

noun: perk; plural noun: perks
money, goods, or other benefit to which one is entitled as an employee or as a shareholder of a company.
"many agencies are helping to keep personnel at their jobs by providing perks"
an advantage or benefit following from a job or situation.
"they were busy discovering the perks of town life"


early 19th century: abbreviation of perquisite.

Although you are undoubtedly correct, it seems that perk is also correct.