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  1. See reply below; I almost get violent every time someone honks 0.01 seconds after the fucking light turns green as if I'm too stupid to know what it means. FUCK YOU for thinking that.
  2. When there's NO cars behind me for another 1/4 mile, but you insist on zipping out in front of me and causing me to slam brakes. If you waited an additional 2 seconds, you can pull out as if you are stuck in limp-mode 3rd gear and ultra slow, but no... Let's almost cause a fucking accident scampering out like a dog with cataracts... Makes me wonder where else in your life (or even your parent's lives) pulling out would work best.
  3. The douchebags who keep their high beams on either because THEY can't see or instead of buying a lousy $11 bulb, they think that the highs is an acceptable substitute and the cops that you're trying to avoid getting pulled over by for a broken headlight are too stupid to figure out the difference.
  4. On a wide open freeway, especially in the LA area, I'm already doing 75 in a 65, in the #3 lane out of 4 (so it's not like I'm hogging the left lane or the lane next to it)... But at least once a week, some asshole tailgates me instead of switching lanes, even when I go passive-aggressive and slow down and hope your egomaniacal ass gets the hint and use one of the many lanes available to you. YOU may be able to afford the speeding ticket, but I sure as hell don't have an extra $250+ and 20 the cost of insurance laying around (yes, Commie-Fornia speeding tickets suck), the fact that I'm on the cusp of when most officers decide to flick on their party lights is pretty damned generous of me, but also no... I'm not about to switch lanes to feed your ego either!

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People who can't afford a decent radio for their car, but can afford $200-500 headphones.
You're forgetting installation costs or the time it takes to DIY... I never replaced a speaker in my E90 so I can't speak by experience, but getting to the rear speakers required me to gut the entire back end of my Toyota Solara, and what I thought was a quick fix to replace a blown speaker turned into a project that ran into the late nights. Headphones? Pair Bluetooth or plug into phone, hit play, plus you can enjoy it everywhere else... That's why I have a set of Sennheiser headphones. Not that I use it while driving since I do have the premium audio package in my car, but just trying to perhaps make a guess as to why these dingbats do it.

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I hate smelling vape clouds. Always makes me hungry.
It doesn't make me hungry, but I don't know if it has to do with the fact that I quit smoking cold turkey for NYR 2015, but anything with nicotine (cigs, vapes) gives me a headache.

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Pet Peeves:

People who aren't paying attention when the light turns green. I count to one and blow the horn.
You're my #1 driving pet peeve, and I've noticed that it's becoming increasingly common... I've been driving since 2001; I may forget to pick up my dry cleaning or whatever, but don't you think I know what a fucking green light is and what it represents? This is especially considering that the company car of the job I work at has auto start-stop (Chevy Equinox) and I don't want to find out the hard way if giving it gas while it's cranking would ruin the engine, so I might be all of TWO FUCKING SECONDS instead of 0.01 seconds... If it does kill the starter, I'm holding people like you responsible, regardless of whether it's due to my own stupidity trying to entertain your impatient ass or not.

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"Perk" when you mean "perq". But then - even my browser thinks perq is wrong - it's not. It's short for perquisite, which means benefit or bonus. Perk is more for tits.
Wow, TIL... I've never seen it spelled "perq" before though!

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Or those who know someone is waiting to use the ATM but will still stand there for 2 minutes to reorganize their handbag, file their receipt correctly, make sure their lipstick, hair, jewelry, etc. are all straight before they walk away.
It's even worse when it's at the drive-thru ATM where you can't go around them.
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NEFARIOUS would totally rock the dreads if he could.