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18" or 19"?

Hi all,

OK, now that I have solved my exhaust dilemma, its time for me to make a decision on wheels. I am likely to go with either the VMT 710 or 718s or the Apex EC7s (though am still looking at a few others in that price range). The debate is 18" vs 19". If 19", the Apex are out as they are only in 18".

I do not want to use spacers unless I have to (though doubt I would) and definitely do not want to use camber plates...I don't like the look.

I am going to add lowering springs or coilovers (am posting separate thread on this decision in the proper forum) so am expecting 1"-1.5" lower. This is for appearance as I do not plan to do much track...maybe once or twice a year, maybe the occasional autocross. The preference here though is looks and street driving only.

My dilemma is that if I go with 18", I will likely run the Conti's on them for now but if I go to 19", it obviously means new tires at the same time. I am prepared to go this route if I must but would prefer to not lay out the cash for PSSs until later in the year if I can.

So, here are the questions:

1) Opinion you feel the 19" look significantly better on our cars? If the car is lowered, would you notice much difference in appearance over 18"s?

2) Will I notice much ride difference between 18" and 19"? Forget the weight difference for now, I am aware of the effects here.

3) The important bit...What sizes, offsets, and tire sizes do I want to go with to ensure no rubbing? I was thinking 8.5" ET35s in the front, 9.5" ET22s in the back either way but want to hear from you on this. What tire sizes do I want with this combo or any other combo you may suggest.

Thanks for your input!