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DXB autodrome Int. circuit yesterday

So after quite a long time between track days, I got out yesterday on the International circuit at the Dubai Autodrome. Its by far my fave circuit. Shits all over the rubbish at Yass, just ask any of the 24hr/GP drivers.

Anyways, back to the story..

Did a lot of prep work on the car in the days leading up to the day as ive had a lot of stuff installed/changed since my last day, and i wanted to be sure i wouldent go mech on lap 1.

Had an AWESOME day out, the car handled superb, and ran like a dream all morning. (open circuit from 9 to 12)
New tires were great, though my next set will surely be slicks. BMW logger was working great and got some really nice data captures on my first 15 laps. (2nd 15, i forgot to hit the record button )

On a personal side note... Not a good idea to go for a boozy brunch the day before and then forget to re-install your rear strut bar...

The weather was brisk and very cold (for Dubai standards) starting out on the tarmac at 17 degrees C and warmed up in the arvo to 24, so a very cold day, which you could immediately tell from the top speeds on the straights (we have 2 massive straights in this config) and previously when running the same circuit id be maxing out at 190, yesterday i was hitting 205-210.

another thing not to forget is your tire pressure gear.. had to borrow my mates bike pump to get the cold tires up to 28 degrees) Thanks for the reminder Ron

Ran 2 laps trying to get some heat in the tires (always with traction on) and to get into the swing of things a bit and then after 2 or 3 laps , the tires were performing nicely so the traction came off for the rest of the 15 laps. ( I always run 2 laps with the nanny on, just to make sure i dont overcook it, or do something really stupid)

Came out of my first 15 laps completely soaked, helmet was wet as a sponge lol!! i had such a good time out there , was insane, there were really only 3 or 4 other cars i could run with on the day, and was a complete and utter ball with another red e46 M3 (oversize s54) guy, and was all over him like a cheap suit. LOL Very cool, nice guy too. Got overtaken like i was standing still by a Senna , and a multitude of P gt3RS/Radical open wheeler cars outran me and there is nothing i could have done about it. Lol.. i bet those guys didnt come out sweating like id been for a swim though. ops: maybe the Senna guy.. would would have been thinking (holy shit, if i throw it against the wall here...) lol..

Man.. had such a good day.. really had a ball.. Oil temps a bit high though, and my next job will be pulling the oil thermo, and see how it goes then.

I also trialed "AutoBlip" on my car for the first time and it was a huge success. Single shift down corners were a dream.. i have some work left to do with trailbraking into dubble shift down corners, but over all a night and day difference when you can moduale 100% completely the brake and not having to have your foot on both the brake and the loud pedal.

Ran my own PB for this circuits config, so thats a great start.

I still have to really make a comment about the brakes on my car... Ive been running this setup now for 4 sessions and i still cant get it right, every corner, i try and brake a little later, and STILL i slow down too much before reaching the turn in point, still i have much, much to learn and this brake setup is really astounding. I have to tell myself every firkin corner to brake later and later.. (my life preserving self has issues with this)

Currently working on a new panel for my data loggin/tune upload screen, blipshift status and intake temperate monitoring project (where the radio used to be) and i hope to have that finished before next month. After that will be the headlight intake mod.

Had such an awesome day, just perfect..

I have data captures and Gopro imaging to come, but that will take a bit to get around to.

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