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Window glass Alignment - adjustable ??

Greetings... does anyone know whether or not the "alignment" of the window glass is adjustable when in the fully raised position ??

I am trying to solve a whistling window seal problem, and by chance I noticed that dropping the glass about 1/16 of an inch kills the whistle but keeps the window gap sealed. This is hit or miss with the window control. The weather stripping itself is in near-new condition, nothing visibly wrong with it. I'd rather not replace it if it's not necessary, and that may not solve the problem.

This is a really annoying whistle at highway speeds. I'd like it to be silent when fully raised, just like the passenger side is. So, adjusting the glass manually seems to kind of work. Hence the question: can the mechanicals of the lifting mechanism be adjusted to a small degree to drop the glass 1/16 inch?

Service Advisor at Bob Smith BMW doesn't think so, but I want a second opinion.

Thanks for any info.