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I know you all love updates, right?

First event this past weekend on the LSD (Quaife). Here is what I learned:
- I used to be able to rotate the car mid-turn with a tad amount of throttle. No can do. That tiny bit of throttle now pushes the car straight, forcing me to add more steering. Have to get used to that.
- No real difference in corner entry noticed (yet).
- Corner exit, no more 1 wheel spin!

And, as it is with these things, my first ever oversteer spin off into the grass

I was experimenting on that corner, every lap, on how much earlier I can get on the gas. Found the limit, and it's about the same as when I had open LSD. Only difference is instead of one wheel spinning and going straight, both wheels spin and I lose control.

I would have tried to correct but on this track at night, no lights in this section, once my headlights pointed off-pavement, I had no idea where I was! The moment the back got loose, I countersteered, felt the car slide, then change directions where I just hit the brakes, and went along for the ride, staring at pitch dark.

I was humbled afterwards. I seriously also thought those M3s that spin out at every HPDE are inexperience drivers... PFFFT. That thought is now erased from memory. I'm glad I got to experience an off on the track, and gained my confidence back on the next session.

My instructor let me go solo that run, but I told him I was going to experiment. It's what HPDEs are for, right?

Now, next step is to play with suspension and see if I can reduce exit-oversteer, or at least make it more controllable. I'm not yet ready to remove the rear bar, for reasons... but will go from 19mm to 18mm I have laying around here, and 2-3 notches softer on springs. This track has 110+mph long turn (Nascar Tri-Oval) and I need that rear stable.