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Is it possible to fit the S65 V8 in the E85 Z4?

A question for all experts, amateurs, knowledgeable enthusiast and specialists. As stated in the title, is it possible to fit the S65 V8 in the E85 Z4?

Also, how much would a feat like this cost along with the time it would require?

In all honesty, at present it's a thought with a lot of desire behind it and I would really appreciate a few pointers as to it's possibility and the places that are capable of carrying out the task (in the UK).

Thank you all in advance for your time and patience as I am sure you all get a lot of "engine swap" questions and quite frankly must be bored stiff of them.

(I have asked this question in the E60 5 series forum as well as I am undecided on whether to go for the 2 or 5 seater car. Practicality Vs Driving Purity)