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Originally Posted by Calichase View Post
Nate, When will you be back in the states again? It would be great to meet up again!

The car looks fantastic, and I am just itching to drive mine after storing it for the winter. Hopefully the weather breaks for good in the next few weeks. I can't imagine how much you desire to drive yours after such a long time away!
I'm not sure when I'll be back. I'm hoping by around July, but a lot of things are up in the air right now. The weather has been really good the last couple days aside from the rain and I've been out driving around with the top down when I can.

Originally Posted by Vanne View Post
Sweet wheels buddy, also how did your vanos filter go? Was it clean when you checked?

Good set of mods mate, so you missing Sudan yet? ;-)
The vanos filter was a really easy thing to do. Although I found out later that it is part of Inspection II, but isn't really all that necessary to replace. Still good peace of mind though.

I am EXTREMELY happy to be out of Sudan! I miss the friends I had there, but not being able to go out and walk around was a huge drag. Plus I only saw like 2 Bimmers the whole time I was there! I found this guy parked in Athens on my first time walking around.

Oh, also forgot another quick story. My girl and I decided to stop at our old High School last weekend for their craft fair and walk around a little bit. When I came back someone had put a brochure for ZSCCA on my windshield. I had left my dash cam running the whole time and saw a woman park her M235i, walk up to my car and put the brochure under my wiper and walk off. It struck me as odd that she went through the effort to do that, but never seemed to "check out" the car. Anyone on here ZSCCA members?

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