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California Speedway 1 day June 10th

Posting on behalf of BMW CCA Los Angeles Chapter...

Our premiere event at the L.A. Chapter “Home Track” is undergoing some changes! This year, in order to make the track more affordable in the face of this slow recovering economy, we’ve decided to offer Auto Club Speedway as a one day only event on Friday, June 10th for the attractive pricing of $320! Burn a sick day, start your weekend off right by spending it with us on the track!

We will be continuing our excellent “A+” program that’s been drawing rave reviews from all around the region, with improved traffic management, intense off-track classroom sessions, and fun on-track exercise to bridge the gap between driving schools and “the next level.” Be sure to check with the event organizers to see if you’ve been recommended to take our A+ program.

If you’re not familiar with our High Performance Driving School driver’s training program, it’s been often described as “the most fun you can have with your clothes on.” Advanced driving techniques beyond what you can learn on the street or through most driver’s training programs, techniques that makes you a safer AND faster driver, will be taught in a controlled environment. Passing rules are clearly defined to ensure the utmost safety to you and your vehicle. A qualified instructor will be assigned to you and will be riding with you, not only to instruct you in the fine-art of high performance driving, but to also keep a second set of eyes out for you and your safety. We at the L.A. Chapter of BMW CCA and the extended Pacific Region is quite proud of our record and low rate of on-track incidents. This is THE BEST and safest environment to learn to push you and your car to the limit.

So come drive at the world famous Auto Club Speedway with us!

Register through Constant Contact and pay via check or PayPal. $320 for early bird registration (Early bird closes on May 1st) without garage or $345 with garage. $350 AFTER early bird expires on May 1st!
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