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Originally Posted by Finnegan View Post
Front what? More information is required to help here.

First, how do you know something is actually bent? Is it visible? If you can see it, which parts are bent? (Pics?) Do you know which parts are involved?

Even a small amount out of spec on some components (that would not be immediatelly visible) could have occured if you hit an object at a high enough rate of speed. Then again, the alignment might be off or you might have bent a rim (with no suspension damage). Both of those could cause what you're feeling too.

If you're not sure which parts were bent, perhaps an alignment and check of the wheels would be a first step. See if a good indie shop can get things back to spec. If not, they'll probably be able to tell you what's damaged.
Mea culpa! Front driver's wheel is slightly bent. I had the four wheels balanced last week and was told that the front left required 9 (grams?) of weight, which apparently is a lot of weight, but they could not guarantee that it would balance. The tech also told me he could see it wobble while in the balancer.