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Originally Posted by aestheticstorm View Post
This beats the tampon on my windshield that was waiting for me after a movie one night.

... but I'm surprised the dildo didn't crack your windshield at that speed?

Well...I was in the far left lane and they were in the center..

They held it out their window and started shaking it...that's why I knew what it was...I went WOT to get past them and they just tossed it out of the window expecting it to hit my car. They wind took it and threw it over my car. Thankfully it never hit.

Originally Posted by Finnegan View Post
Interesting indeed. Dildo? WTF? "So sir, for the claim form, how did the windshield get broken?"

I had guy in what I think was a Chrysler K car pull up next to me at a stoplight and ask about the car, gave me a thumbs up, told me how lucky I was to have it.

My wife has cops give her the thumbs up (city, highway). P Turbo, 'Vette Z04, several other folks go out of their way to talk cars with her.

But I've never had a dildo thrown at the car. I think I can live with that.
Yea, it's not something I ever expected to happen