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Originally Posted by 1buckyboy3 View Post
Hi Finnegan, thanks for your help.

The squeak is not rhythmic and it doesn't seem to increase or decrease with speed. It also doesn't change under cornering. The noise is always there when I accelerate although that might sound weird. I have checked and it definitely isn't a rock between the pad or rotor. There is also no heat coming from the brake assembly and when jacked up there isn't any play in the wheel which runs freely and squeak free so I'm confident I can rule out a faulty wheel bearing.

Since you mention a cracked CV I'm starting to wonder if that my be the cause of the problem considering the noise happens when I accelerate. I expect that's one of the expensive options that you mentioned above....typical!!

Thanks again.
Have you checked to see if the noise changes at all if you gently apply pressure on the handbake as you are moving at, say 30 mph? If the noise changes, it may just be rust on the parking brake shoes (inside the hat of the rear discs). As per the owners manual, you should apply the handbrake in a safe manner when the car is moving, on a periodic basis. You may also need to adjust or rebuild the parking brake mechanism on one or both sides to get rid of rubbing.