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Originally Posted by 1989baby View Post
there are times I wish I had a gun in my car, even without bullets. just to scare off tailgaters and fast and furious racers that don't stop revving and shit
Sounds tempting but dangerous... Never know who might also have a gun in the car.

Originally Posted by DVDA View Post
My dad (who lives in New York does the same thing) he has one of my old aluminum bats from when i was younger and he put nails lined up vertically around the bat with duct tape.

This way when he hits someone the side of the head of the nail will hurt them but not pierce them since they arent horizontally lined up and not sticking out
That nailed bat sounds illegal as hell to have. Can't imagine it being fun trying to explain that one to the cops.

Originally Posted by chungdae View Post
I have a Glock 30 SF. Packed with .45 high performance jacket hollow points filled with incendiary gelatin for defensive use. When the bullets hit the unfortunate victim, the gelatin becomes hotter than the sun. I also have Night sights and the clip draw so I can carry without a holster.

That sounds so cool....

I own several businesses, and nowadays you can't be too safe. I shoot every week to make sure I am on point if I were to ever use it. I'm purchasing three more to keep in my car, my work car, and at home. I'm also getting a shotgun to keep in my closet and a 380 auto for the wifey.
Incendiary rounds just sound like it's illegal to own in CA. But man, they sound cool. I'd probably want some incendiary rounds when I get a gun. Can't see myself shooting at anyone I'm not ready to kill anyways.